Overview Edit

Troops are used in ground invasions of planets and in ship boarding actions. Each race has two types of troops: a basic infantry unit specific to that race, and the Spider Tank. All infantry units are identical except that Draylok, Human, and Ralyeh infantry are inferior in boarding actions. The Spider Tank offers superior hard attack, but is generally not worth the doubled cost.

Anomalies may also generate unaligned troops when disturbed.

Ground combat Edit

Troops can move 1 space every 10 seconds and attack every 10 seconds. The unit "fires" once for every current Strength of the unit. Each such shot has a percentage chance of doing 1 damage to the target equal to its soft or hard attack, depending on the target type. Note that some buildings are capable of attacking as well.

Boarding actions Edit

Troops can capture enemy ships by boarding them. They must be launched from their own shuttle:

  • Launch from the Colony Overview screen by right-clicking on a planet tile
  • Launch from the Ground Combat Screen by clicking the Launch button after selecting a troop
  • Launch from any ship equipped with a Troop Assault Bay
    • Open the Advanced Orders tab on the assault carrier
    • Click the troops to launch their shuttles
    • Right-click the ship you wish to capture

Defenders have the advantage of striking first. Ships can be softened up with most of its crew killed by using something like the Thalaron blaster. Larger ships are harder to capture, and modules such as Cockpit, Bridge, Combat Information Center, and Marine Barracks improve defensive capabilities.

List of troops Edit

  • Antlion and Skeleton troops are hostile and have a chance of spawning when exploring anomalies.
  • Antlion have a 100% chance of spawning when exploring a Mine.
Icon Troop Race Cost Strength (Default) Soft attack Hard attack Board attack
Antlion icon Antlion Unknown 25 10 60 25 60
Draylok Infiltrator icon Draylok Infiltrator Draylok 50 10 40 25 45
Kulrathi Swordsbear icon Kulrathi Swordsbear Kulrathi 50 12 40 25 60
Opteris Warrior icon Opteris Warrior Opteris 50 10 40 25 60
Owlwok Infantry icon Owlwok Infantry Cordrazine 50 08 40 25 60
Pollop Skroderiders icon Pollop Skroderiders Pollops 50 08 40 25 60
Ralyeh Cleric icon Ralyeh Cleric Ralyeh 50 10 40 25 45
Remnant Defender icon Remnant Defender Unknown 50 40 15 45 20
Skeleton icon Skeleton Unknown 25 7 40 1 60
Space Marine icon Space Marine Human 50 10 40 25 45
Spider Tank icon Spider Tank All 100 10 20 60 20
Vulfar Grunt icon Vulfar Grunt Vulfen 50 10 40 25 60
Revoran Walker 70 20 40 40 10