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Black Box[]

Blackbox is an ongoing non profitable effort of several programmers and designers to improve Stardrive 1 code base. What unites us is the love for Stardrive 1 game and our wish to make it the game it should have been (we do not care for Stardrive 2). Blackbox work focuses on code refactor, performance enhancements and new features. Several years ago the original developer granted us permission to decomplie the code and work on it. Star Drive 1 is now being updated actively.

Currently, the only mod supported with Blackbox is Combined Arms. It is being developed along side Blackbox and contains massive content, like new hulls, new tech trees, building and many more, Combined Arms is based on the Combo mod.

We have created a new wiki page for Blackbox. It will contain a lot more info on our work and progress.

About Stardrive[]

StarDrive is a 4X action strategy game that was released in April of 2013 by Zero Sum Games and was published by Iceberg Interactive. StarDrive is currently available  for purchase on Steam

Current Build is 1.15B. Blackbox builds are installed on top of this and are available here.

Stardrive 2[]

If you are looking for Stardrive 2, please visit our Stardrive 2 wiki and help out!

Aerospace Engineering

Design the perfect ship for the job using the shipyard.

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Engage enemies both in space and on the ground in StarDrive.

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Basic Flight Training

Learn about the ins and outs of StarDrive's controls.

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Mind-controlling molluscs? Owlwoks? It's a crazy universe. Meet the Cordrazine.

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Basic game information for new players Get to know StarDrive's eight major races The ships of your empire... which are designed by you Research to augment your empire on its path to victory

Expand your empire by claiming different planet types You're going to need resources to expand your empire Manage relations with other races with words instead of warheads So, words aren't your thing?  Well, there are always alternatives...


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We want your bug reports and suggestions! Visit the "Bug Reports and Feature Requests" forum on the StarDrive official site to contribute. You can also visit the bugs and suggestions page to help us out.


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