Remnant concepts

Remnant ship concepts

Remnants are the robotic remnants of an ancient alien race, they are a neutral faction hostile to all races. Their ships can be found orbiting particularly good planets at the start of the game.

Ships Edit

The Remnant boast excellent energy and shield technology, and their ships reflect this.

Remnant Quest Edit

Secrets of the Remnant Edit

Fighting the Remnants will give access to the secret Remnant Studies and Remnant Computing techs.

We have encountered a strange group of decidedly hostile aliens in our exploration efforts. These aliens are aggressive, unwilling or unable to communicate, and have no regard for their personal safety. The leading theory is that these ships are the remains of some former and now fallen space empire. For this reason, we haved named this race "The Remnant."

By destroying Remnant vessels, our scientists should be able to study the advanced technologies that power them. We will need to assign our scientists to the task of reverse engineering these secrets. A new "Secrets" technology path has been added to the research screen.

A Mysterious Signal Edit

Remnant Computing allows construction of the Remnant Detection Array, which will reveal an anomaly somewhere on the map.

Your quest to discover the secrets of The Remnant continues. It appears that your scientists' theories are correct: upon activating the Remnant Detection Array, they immediately identified an anomalous subspace data stream that is, so far as they can tell, coming from everywhere at once and no where in particular. With this omnipresent quality, the data stream bears a remarkable similarity to the universal background radation detectable with normal radio telescopes - the signal strength is equal in all directions and extremely faint. Nothing in the known Remnant ships would be capable of detecting this signal.

However, the Array has detected a second, more conventional subspace signal. Analysis suggests that it is an amplified version of the fainter signal and that it is originating inside our galaxy!

The location of the Remnant signal is now revealed. If we wish to learn more then we will need to find it and see what secrets it holds!

A Fire Upon the Deep Edit

Exploring the anomaly will result in the opening of a stargate, through which a hostile Remnant Mothership appears.

Your assault team arrives at source of the Remnant control signal. What becomes clear immediately is that the building on the planet's surface is not broadcasting the signal. Instead, it seems to be a portal of some sort, massive in size and swirling with energy. The signal is coming from the other side of the portal.

Who would place this portal here, and for what purpose? Where does it lead? Seeing only one way to find out, a scouting party is dispatched through the portal. Almost immediately, the ground begins to shake violently. Fissures open beneath your troops' feet. A frantic transmission is received from your scouting party. "The leads to a ship! *gunfire*...heavily armed...*explosion*...equipped with bio-weaponry and *static". The transmission ends. As it does so, a monstrous ship emerges from the ground. Buried for Eons, a sleeping menace has awoken.

No reward has been implemented yet.


After defeating the Remnant Mothership, a signal will be sent out, heard throughout the universe, which summons dozens of Remnant Moherships to begin exterminating all life, usually starting with your homeworld. There is a seemingly unlimited amount of them and the only way to win the game at this point is to build the Ascention Device to ascend to another plane of existence while the Remnants destroy all other life.