StarDrive Ralyeh Dialogue (and Music)

StarDrive Ralyeh Dialogue (and Music)

The Ralyeh leader, with ceremonial staff to mark him so.

The Ralyeh are a species from Tholar, a terran planet in the Kolthlar system. Their society is a religious hierarchy and they refer to themselves as "The Ralyeh Devoted".



Ralyeh are large terrestrial cephalopods with two, two-pronged tentacles that they use to manipulate their environment and a mouth surrounded by short feeder tentacles. They still possess vistigial gill structures on their upper back and neck area, left over from their early evolutionary period when they spent most of their time in water. Ralyeh also have two smaller, secondary tentacles on each side that act as 3rd and 4th "arms". Ralyeh are unusually smart for a spacefaring race, putting them in the same category as Drayloks and Humans.


Ralyeh society is a religious hierarchy centered around worship of the "Elder God", a grisly deity whose scriptures revolve around death and the killing of others. It is not known if Ralyeh believe in an afterlife, but they do believe their god is active in their lives and that they are his chosen people - their destiny to rule the stars and wipe out lesser races.


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Solar SystemEdit

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  • Smart: (+35%) Research Modifier
  • Spiritual: (+50%) Artifact Effect Modifier
  • Huge Homeworld: (+25%) Home World Max Population

Ship HullsEdit

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Advantages Disadvantages
Wide Ships - Having large area allows for powerful barrages of artillery weapons. Wide Ships - Having wide ships can make it easier for enemy ships to connect with cannon and missile volleys.
Easily Protected Generators - The extensions near the back are difficult to attack in a face to face encounter. Engines in the Front (Only for Cruiser/Capital Hulls) - Engines being in the front can make the ship very susceptible to being immobilized.
Small Ships - Fewer slots to fill results in lower maintenance costs, making highly diverse fleets more practical. To be added

Military ShipsEdit


Unique TroopsEdit


  • The Ralyeh are a clear nod to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, specifically the Cthulhu Mythos, from the feeder tentacles to their worship of a grisly "Elder God" who hails death and destruction; even their name is a reference to the underwater city of r'lyeh, where Cthulhu is imprisoned.
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