StarDrive Pollops Dialogue (and Music)-0

StarDrive Pollops Dialogue (and Music)-0

A Pollop playing a sonoboard

Pollops are a starfaring race which evolved on Sporl, a hot, wet, heavily forested planet in the Polmar system. Pollops do not have a government in the same sense as most races, and simply refer to themselves collectively as "Pollops".



Pollops are strange mobile plant-like creatures which use sunlight to convert nurtrients into energy through photosynthesis. Compared to species such as the Vulfen, Pollops require very little in the way of food. Until the advent of advanced technology, Pollops had many natural predators on Sporl. This led to them being rather timid and preferring to avoid combat. Pollops also have a phenomenal reproductive rate.


Pollop culture is centered around the sun and soil, as such they have integrated their advanced technologies into their ecosystems. Making them completely sustainable and stable. Pollop technology makes it difficult to tell apart structures that have been built or been grown organically. Pollops enjoy manipulating sound, and often play musical instruments called sonoboards, which also give off light. The Pollops like Humans are quite curious about other races and the universe.


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Solar SystemEdit

Polmar is the home solar system to the Pollop race. It is of average size and features 3 planets. They are listed in order from their sun as follows: 

Planet Image Planet Name Description Planet Type
1-Large Asteroid Field
Asteroid Belt An Asteroid Belt separates the solar systems sun from the rest of the planets. Asteroid Belt
Sporl Sporl is a vast jungle planet absolutely teeming with life. The sentient species on this planet have integrated their advanced technologies into their ecosystems in a completely sustainable and compatible manner. Swamp
Brightmoon Brightmoon gains its name from the brilliance of it and its crystalline rings in the night sky of Sporl. It has captivated the imaginations of billions of Pollops since time immemorial. Barren
Darkmoon This massive gas giant dominates the outer edges of the Polmar system. Composed largely of hot gasses such as hydrogen and helium, it is totally unsuitable for colonization. Gas Giant



  • Huge Home-world: (+25%) Home-world Max Population
  • Efficient Metabolism: (-25%) Consumption Modifier
  • Fertile: (1%) Minimum Population Growth
  • Efficient: (-25%) Maintenance Modifier


  • Timid: (-30%) Ground Combat Modifier
  • Ponderous: (-25%) Dodge Modifier

Ship HullsEdit

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Advantage Disadvantage
While their engines are more exposed that most races, Pollops have extra slots on each side make their ships tougher on the flanks. Set your ships to Orbit and aim your guns correctly, and you will nearly eliminate this weakness.

"* I slots limited making inertial dampened use more difficult."

* O slots far from I and IO slots on Leafs in cruiser and capital ships."

* Limited engine size on freighters

* No O slots on freighters

Pollops ships are generally wider than they are long and have a smaller number of IO slots than average. The leaf-like fins around the front and side are composed entirely of external slots, so power conduits are required to utilize all of the space on pollop capital ships. fitting large weapons can be a challenge.

Military ShipsEdit


Unique TroopsEdit