StarDrive Human Dialogue (and Music)

StarDrive Human Dialogue (and Music)

A human ship captain, smoking a pipe.

Humans are a starfaring species who hail from Earth, the third planet in the Sol system. The Human government is known as the United Federation and is presumably some form of democracy.



Humans are a large species of primate, a variety of mammal. Standing around 5-10' feet tall, humans walk upright on two legs and possess two arms with two five-digit hands, including an opposable thumb on each hand. Humans possess average physical strength, and lack the natural weapons like the deadly teeth and claws of the Vulfen, or the sheer physical size of the Kulrathi.  Spacefaring humans can live to around 120 years of age, and sometimes even longer with the use of cryogenics technologies, though total lifespan is typically measured only in "thawed" years.  Humans are naturally curious about the universe and show high intelligence, similar to other spacefaring races such as the Ralyeh and Drayloks.


Humans value their personal freedom very highly, and have fought many wars in the name of this principle. Humans, in part due to their omnivorous nature, have created many traditions and customs centered around food consumption. Human society is centered around small family units and local communities, and this has led to humans being somewhat naturally xenophobic.


Solar System Edit

Sol is the home solar system to the human race and is also one of biggest default race solar systems in the game thus far. It is comprised of seven planets. They are listed, in order of distance from their sun, as follows: 

Planet Image Planet Name Description Planet Type
Mercury The innermost and smallest planet in the Sol system. The mean surface temperature of Mercury is 442.5 Kelvin. Nevertheless, water ice exists in the polar basins that are shielded from direct sunlight. This planet is not at all suitable for colonization. Barren
Venus Named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty. After the moon, it is the brightest natural object in Earth's night sky. Venus is covered with an opaque layer of clouds composed of sulfuric acid. Its surface geology is also highly volcanic, and its mean temperature is in fact higher than that of Mercury. Consequently, this planet is very ill-suited to colonization and has thus far been quite ignored by colonization efforts Barren
Earth The birthplace of humanity and the home to many billions of people. Many of the mightiest space-faring corporations call Earth home. Consequently, some of the finest Shipyards and Equipment manufacturers in the galaxy can be found in Earth Orbit. Terran
Mars The inhabitants of Earth have looked to the Red Planet for centuries as the first logical step for extra-planetary colonization. The martian soil is comprised of a reddish-brown dust that is completely inorganic. Its methane atmosphere makes Mars fairly inhospitable. Colonization here would require extensive biodome structures or terraforming machinery.  Barren
Asteroid Belt The Asteroid Belt separates Mars and other inner planets from the outer Gas Giants Asteroid Belt
Jupiter The largest planet in the Sol system. This gas giant is two and a half times the mass of all the other planets in the Sol System combined. Jupiter is primarily composed of hydrogen with a quarter of its mass being helium. It is not suitable for colonization. Gas Giant
Saturn It's planetary rings are the most conspicuous in the Sol system. The rings are mostly composed of water ice and dust particles. As a gas giant, it is not suitable for human colonization. Gas Giant
Uranus Sometimes classified as an "Ice Giant" due to the cold cloud of methane, water, and ammonia ices mixed into its hydrogen-helium atmosphere. A unique feature of Uranus is that is axis of rotation is rotated sideways compared to the other planets in this solar system: its poles are located where the other planets' equators are located. As a gas giant, this planet is not habitable. Gas Giant



  • Meticulous: (+25%) Tax Modifier
  • Industrious: (+35%) Production Modifier
  • Smart: (+35%) Research Modifier
  • Prototype Flagship: Begin Game with One Advanced Prototype Flagship

Ship HullsEdit

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Advantages Disadvantages
human ships are faster than average, with a higher ratio of engine slots

(Except for the Emissary Cruiser) Hulls have a relatively low amount of O/IO slots, limiting design options.

Thin ship design makes armor placement easier as head on shots are very common. Very difficult to create broadside firing ships and armor them at the same time

Military ShipsEdit


Unique TroopsEdit