At the moment all exploration events could be divided three groups: Galactic,Planetary and Battle. Each of them have it's own unique events. For information on Random Galactic Events check the Random Events page.

Galactic Exploration EventsEdit

These events are triggered by exploring the galaxy. Some of the events are triggered by exploring certain solar systems. These events will introduce the player to some Minor Races. (Note: The Anomaly Event proceeds the events listed in the Planetory Exploration Events.)

Event name Event text Effect
First Contact (Corsairs) While patrolling the edges of space, your forces have stumbled upon a wretched hive of scum and villainy: a Corsair base! The Corsairs have sent you this message: "message text" Agree to pay: -250 credits

Refuse to pay - Corsair faction will send a fleet towards your nearest planet

First Contact (Revoran) Your forces have discovered a small planet in the Revoran system. It is home to a pre-warp species that appears to be in the Rocket Age. They are broadcasting a primitive radio signal into space but it does not seem to have any specific target If Xeno Linguistics is discovered - contact successful

If not - contact unsuccessful

Anomaly Scans of "planetname" revealed an anomaly Various (see below)

Planetary Exploration EventsEdit

Anomaly investigation could be divided into three groups - Ships, Tombs and Special.

List of Ship Investigate EventsEdit

Icon crash 64x64
Ship crash site is depicted by a special icon on planetary overview. It is possible to find a working alien ship with modules otherwise unavailable to player (i.e Ancient reactor and Ancient Engine)
Event name Chance Event text Effect
A Sad Wreck 30 Your forces examine the wreckage of what is clearly a very, very ancient shipwreck. Time and nature have taken their toll on the wreckage. Even so, there are some curiosities among the wreckage that will have some value on the open market. +150 Credits
Awesome Find 10 Here you have made a truly awesome discovery - what appeared from orbit to be a shipwreck was in fact not a wreck at all but a completely intact cruiser! What's more, it appears to be spaceworthy and your forces are taking it into orbit now. You get Ancient Torpedo Cruiser
Excellent Find 30 Here you have made an excellent discovery - what appeared from orbit to be a shipwreck was in fact not a wreck at all but a completely intact alien light frigate! What's more, it appears to be spaceworthy and your forces are taking it into orbit now. You get a Heavy Drone
Mysteries 10 As your forces approach the downed vessel, they note that it is in surprisingly excellent shape. They are able to breach the hull through an airlock and they begin to explore the ship. They report finding an extremely odd piece of equipment in what they assume to be the engineering room. They take the equipment and leave. However, their presence has not gone unnoticed! Indigenous carnivores are attacking! Ancient Shield Technology; 5 Antlion spawn
Ancient Repulsor; 5 Antlion spawn
Ancient Ion Technology; 5 Antlion spawn

List of Tomb Investigate EventsEdit

Icon dogtomb 64x64
Tomb is depicted by special icon on planetary overview. Currently tombs are the only way of obtaining artifacts. (Note that granted artifact is random - there is no way of telling which one you will find.)
Event name Chance Event text Effect
Riches of the Ancients 20 Your forces enter the mysterious tomb and find evidence of a long dead civilization. The artifacts and other curiosities found there will sell well on the open market. +750 Credits
Secrets of the Ancients 20 Your forces enter the mysterious tomb and find evidence of a long dead civilization. The complex is incredibly well preserved. Yet even more curious is the fact that this site seems to have been the target of an earlier archaeological expedition by a second alien race -- very likely starfarers based on the evidence found. The wealth of information presented here will pay dividends to our scientists for years to come. Your race gains a 3% bonus to all scientific efforts for the discovery. 3% Research Bonus
Horrors of the Ancients 60 Your forces enter the mysterious tomb and find evidence of a long dead civilization. Deep within the tomb's halls they discover a mysterious artifact encased in some sort of energy shield. They disable the shield and take the artifact. Upon returning to the planet's surface, they find themselves surrounded by the skeletons of the long dead, seemingly animated by the same energy field that had encased the artifact! Grants Artifact; Spawns 4 Skeletons

List of Special EventsEdit

Since special events are one-of-a-kind they all have 100% chance of triggering.

Icon Event name Event text Effect Note
Icon mine abandoned 64x64 Discover Ancient Mine As your troops approach the mine entrance, they see clearly that this machinery, while ancient, is still in excellent shape. Unfortunately, a nest of Antlions has made its home here and your troops find themselves surrounded by foes very suddenly Nano mine building (+2 Prod on Planet); Spawn 3 Antlion One of the 3 anomalies types

Icon rda 64x64

A Mysterious Signal Your quest to discover the secrets of The Remnant continues. It appears that your scientists' theories are correct: upon activating the Remnant Detection Array, they immediately identified an anomalous subspace data stream that is, so far as they can tell, coming from everywhere at once and no where in particular. With this omnipresent quality, the data stream bears a remarkable similarity to the universal background radiation detectable with normal radio telescopes - the signal strength is equal in all directions and extremely faint. Nothing in the known Remnant ships would be capable of detecting this signal. Shows planet-origin of the Remnant signal Triggered by constructing Remnant Detection Array
Icon ancient stargate 64x64 A Fire Upon the Deep Your assault team arrives at source of the Remnant control signal. What becomes clear immediately is that the building on the planet's surface is not broadcasting the signal. Instead, it seems to be a portal of some sort, massive in size and swirling with energy. The signal is coming from the other side of the portal. \n \n Who would place this portal here, and for what purpose? Where does it lead? Seeing only one way to find out, a scouting party is dispatched through the portal. Almost immediately, the ground begins to shake violently. Fissures open beneath your troops' feet. A frantic transmission is received from your scouting party. "The leads to a ship! *gunfire*...heavily armed...*explosion*...equipped with bio-weaponry and *static". The transmission ends. As it does so, a monstrous ship emerges from the ground. Buried for Eons, a sleeping menace has awoken. Spawn Remnant Mothership Triggered by sending land troops to the Ancient Stargate at the planet, shown at "A Mysterious Signal" event

Battle EventsEdit

Currently there is only two battle events. More will likely be implemented later. Battle events do not have a 100% chance of triggering.

Event name Event text Effect Note

Owlwok Freedom Event

We have successfully conquered our first Cordrazine world. The Cordrazine are an odd race of completely immobile mollusk-like creatures. They have a hard outer shell and a single large sensory organ. The Cordrazine have developed complex pheromonal emitters that allow them to manipulate the native creatures on their home planet. The Cordrazine have a symbiotic relationship with a species called Owlwoks, who are enslaved by the Cordrazines' pheromones. With the death of so many Cordrazine in our invasion, many Owlwoks are awaking from their drug-fueled slavery and hailing us as liberators. One particular Owlwok approaches our troops. It is gnarled and graying with age, its wide eyes clouded with cataracts. "Thank you, liberators, for freeing us from the Masters. KWAK! Know this: that while we are slaves, we all know we are slaves. We all yearn for our freedom. If you can free us from the Masters' drugs, then we will join you, fight for you. KWAK! Come with us, let us show you how they enslave us. Perhaps you can discover a way to free us all." A new research path has become available.

New "Secret" Branch in Technology

Owlwok Liberator is now available for research

This event is triggered by conquering a Cordrazine planet.
Reverse Engineering We have encountered a strange group of decidedly hostile aliens in our exploration efforts. These aliens are aggressive, unwilling or unable to communicate, and have no regard for their personal safety. The leading theory is that these ships are the remains of some former and now fallen space empire. For this reason, we have named this race "The Remnant." \n \n By destroying Remnant vessels, our scientists should be able to study the advanced technologies that power them. We will need to assign our scientists to the task of reverse engineering these secrets. A new "Secrets" technology path has been added to the research screen New "Secret" Branch in Technology

Remnant Modules are now available for research

This event triggered not by encountering, but by shooting down remnant ships