It is possible to engage in diplomacy with other races in StarDrive. Doing so can lead to the formation of trade agreements, non-aggression pacts, and possibly alliances. In addition, negotiations can be conducted to trade territories, resources, and technologies. Going hand in hand with diplomacy, players can also conduct espionage to learn more about other races, conduct surveillance on their colonies, and even steal technology.


Diplomacy is accessed via the diplomacy screen. There you can view espionage options, information you have about various factions/races, change your espionage budget and contact other races.

Diplomacy with Other RacesEdit

Clicking "Contact" while having a particular race selected will bring you to the race contact screen, where you can discuss things with another race, trade/negotiate with them or declare war on them.

The options on this screen are, as of .67b:

  • Declare War (declares war)
  • Discuss
    • What is your opinion of us?
    • Let's discuss another empire...
    • What can you tell me about your people?
    • Flavour text/discussion option.
  • Negotiate (opens up a negotiation menu with options such as peace treaty, trading)
    • Tone is also an important factor in negotiations. You may choose from Pleading, Respectful, Threatening.
  • End (exits the screen)

Diplomatic TraitsEdit

Each race has two diplomatic traits that are randomized every game. Some races are excluded to certain traits (example: Opteris is excluded from being a pacifist). These traits are viewable but selecting Diplomacy at the top of the screen, the traits will then be viewable underneath any discovered race. The first diplomatic trait determines how an opposing race acts in diplomatic situations. These are as follows:

  • Xenophobic: These races are slow to trust and quick to take offense, but can make strong allies if treated well.
  • Honorable: These races are generally trustworthy and can make staunch allies. Unprovoked hostility against honorable races will make them very angry.
  • Cunning: These races love diplomacy and espionage, and will use the tools frequently to achieve their ends.
  • Aggressive: These races respect power and loathe weakness. Do not let your guard down when facing an aggressive opponent.
  • Pacifist: These races are not interested in conquering the galaxy and are easy to befriend.
  • Ruthless: These races are unpredictable and aggressive.

The second diplomatic trait bases how the opposing races will development their economy. These are as follows:

  • Generalists: These races take a balanced approach to the development of their empire.
  • Industrialists: These races prioritize the development of technologies and infrastructure that will increase their industrial capacity.
  • Technologists: These races hunger for knowledge, and will prioritize the acquisition of new advancements in their diplomatic and industrial efforts.
  • Militarists: These races focus their development efforts on the acquisition of new weapons technologies, and like to maintain a a strong military at all times.
  • Expansionists: These races above all else desire to acquire new planets and to increase their populations as rapidly as possible.

Diplomatic AgreementsEdit

There are currently 5 types of diplomatic agreements and they are:

  • Open Borders - This agreement allows you to move through another empires space. This agreement does not necessarily need to be mutual. While an open borders treaty is in effect, you can utilize the other race's subspace projector network.
  • Trade Agreement - This mutual agreement allows you to earn credits over time. When you first enter into trade agreement, you will actually lose money each turn. However over time you will be able to earn many credits per turn. Trade ships will spawn after entering a trade agreement and will travel between the two empires. These ships can be intercepted and destroyed, setting back your trade agreement.
  • Non-Aggression Pact - This agreement is a mutual pledge to not attack one another. It helps ease tension and build trust between empires. Breaking this agreement is very dishonorable and will anger races.
  • Alliance - After a sufficient friendship has been built with another empire you may ask a race to enter an alliance with you. Allies must fight all wars together to keep close relationships.
  • Federation -  This is an agreement made between your empire and allied empire. You can invite them to merge forces with your empire into a federation. This gives you the full control of your allies forces and colonies.

Finally you can trade technologies and colonies with other empires.


On the left side of your diplomacy screen you will see the name of your empire and the symbol corresponding to it. Below that will be the rankings of your empire and any other empire you have discovered thus far. The rankings are Economic, Scientific, Military, and Population. Below the ranking will be a list of owned artifacts. By clicking on other discovered races you will be able to view their rankings and owned artifacts.

Agents and Espionage Edit

In the middle of your diplomacy screen there will be a box with a train button at the bottom. This is where you can train agents and send them on missions.

Empire BonusesEdit

On the right of your diplomacy screen is a list of all of your empire positive and negative modifier based on the traits you picked while designing your race and artifacts you possess. By clicking on another discovered race you will be able to view their empire's positive and negative modifier's. Upon making a Federation with another alien race you will receive their positive and negative modifiers.

The Modifiers on this list are:

  • Population Growth Modifier
  • Production Modifier
  • Research Modifier
  • Diplomacy Modifier
  • Troop Strength Modifier
  • Ship Cost Modifier
  • Ship Hitpoints Modifier
  • Ship Mass Modifier
  • Tax Income Modifier
  • Maintenance Modifier
  • In-borders FTL Bonus
  • FTL Speed Multiplier
  • FTL Power Drain Modifier
  • Fuel Cell Modifier
  • Sublight Speed Bonus
  • Sensor Range Modifier
  • Spy Effectiveness Modifier
  • Artifact Bonus Modifier
  • Cannon Damage Modifier
  • Ordnance Damage/Radius Modifier
  • Missile Hitpoint Modifier
  • Missile Dodge Modifier