Below is a list of both "Work in Progress" Mods and Completed Mods. Credit to Elethio for putting this list together. ! - Not mod manager compatible, read installation instructions carefully

TechLevel and Tims Mod are known working with 15B. In future there may be salvaged mods available from the Black Box Mod Site

W.I.P ModsEdit

Star Trek Mod (By Apoc & Elethio) (Confirmed to be dead)

Weird Worlds (By Houseton)

TimCORP (By Upgradecap)

Battlefleet Gothic (By foto69man)

Stargate Modification (By Lulloser) [DEAD]

Battlestar Galactica Mod (By Evito)

Mass Effect Mod (By Ap0c NL)

NeoAngelus Colonies Mod (By Gunkame)

Solar Winds Mod (By Moandor)

Twilight Imperium Mod (By Kaldariaq)

Blakes 7 Mod (By Ockham)

"Yet another mod in the works" Mod (By Tiberiumkyle)

Race Themed Ship Loadouts Mod (By ThomasGideon)

Doppelganger Faction Mod (By Lynn)

Wing Commander Mod (By Gabriel88)

Stargate Ship Mod V0.1 (By Lulloser - compatible with StarDrive v1.05)

Completed ModsEdit

BlackBox Code Mod (TheDevek, CrunchyGremlin, Mcshooterz, Shahmatt, General Azure, The Doctor - compatible with 1.15B and with other mods.)

Code mods to the game via General Azures and The Deveks Ability to decompile and recompile the SD.ExE into a useable C# project. Bug fixes and feature improvements/additions designed to make a better vanilla experience. For information about making mods for BlackBox see Black Box modding.

  • Run mods entirely from the mods folder
  • New Mod options.
  • Includes DeveksMod code changes
  • Actively Being Worked as of 7/21/2014

Realism Mod (By thaishmafia - compatible with StarDrive v1.05) Technology Value Increased, Building Cost Increased, Module Cost/Power Drain Increased, Troop Stat Adjustments, Tier 2 Weapon Adjustments, Updated Weapon Descriptions.

Download Instructions: 

  1. Download Zip file from Mediafire
  2. Extract Zip file contents
  3. Look at Readme.xls for install instructions.

Overdrive (By Eisenengel - Compatible with v1.06 or later)
Adds 21 new buildings and technologies to unlock them, Changes to Propulsion System, Changes to Energy Production, 3 New Tech Trees.

i hangars (By Elethio - Compatible with v1.06P)
All hangar bays now fit in i and io slots rather o and io.

Download Instructions:

  1. Extract the mod into your "Steam\SteamApps\common\StarDrive\Mods" folder
  2. Run StarDrive
  3. Press "Mods" on the main menu
  4. Then select "i hangars"
  5. Then press "Load"
  6. Enjoy

Weapon Mod (By Elethio)
Added Anti fighter fighter weapon (The Shredder), Anti Frigate fighter weapon (High Energy Pulse Bomb)

To Download:

Tim's Mod (By Tim)
New Ship Modules, New Technologies, Balance Changes, Asteroid Bases.

To Download: [330.04 KiB]

(unzip the file into your mod folder of the game, then select my mod inside StarDrives mod manager)

Dauntless Frigate (By Innalibra)
Starter Mod, Includes New Ship and Modules

To Download:

  1. (File > Download, or simply hit CTRL-S to download the zip)

Deeper Tech Mod (By Seiya)
New Tech Tree, New Techs

To Download: [140.59 KiB]

Station Symmetry Mod/Vanilla Replacer (By Tiberiumkyle) !
Replaces vanilla shipyard with a symmetrical replacement.

To Download: Station [12.3 KiB]

  • Will likely break any saves using vanilla shipyard

Lost Technology Mod (By DigitalProliator)
Added Remnant Hulls, Ancient Reactor, 8x4 Marine Barracks, Asteroid Base, Buffed Spider Tank

To Download: ... y%20Mod.7z

Armour Phasing Reduction Mod (By The Doctor)
Reduces Armor Piercing, Increased Research Cost of Armor.

To Download: [84.73 KiB]

Download Instructions:

  1. Drop the contents of the zip file into your \mods folder
  2. Load up using the mods menu in-game.

StarDrive Extended (By The Doctor)
StarDrive Extended is intended to be a mod that both expands upon and re-balances the existing content of StarDrive to provide gameplay that is intuitive to those used to the vanilla game, but enhanced and extended beyond its scopes.

Basic Weapon Changes, New Weapons, New Hulls, Module Changes, New Warehouses/Functions

To Download:

New Ship Proof-Of-ConceptL Probe (By Evil4Zerggin)
Odd Hull Width, Test Mod

To Download: [287.59 KiB]

GidMod - Racial Ship Loadouts (By ThomasGideon) !
Asymmetry changes to various race hulls, Added variety to race ships.

To Download:

Download Instructions:

  1. Place the contents of this zip file in your StarDrive\Mods folder.
  2. Go to your StarDrive\Content Folder.
  3. RENAME your Races and StarterShips folders in here.
  4. COPY the RacesModded and StarterShipsModded folders from StarDrive\Mods\Gidmod folder to your StarDrive\Content folder.
  5. Go to your StarDrive\Content Folder.
  6. RENAME your RacesModded folder to Races and your StarterShipsModded folder to StarterShips.

Tech Level Mod  (By Dialtone)

624 New Modules Mk2-Mk6 versions of existing and new modules. 171 New technologies to research. 1014 New ship designs.  Eight new armors.  Armored internal modules.  Significant rebalancing of many of the existing modules.  Some tweaking of the buildings, and a few new buildings for your planets.

To Download: [10.57 MB]