Cordrazine Dialogue (and Music)

Cordrazine Dialogue (and Music)

A Cordrazine surrounded by several Owlwoks

Cordrazine are a spacefaring race of molluscs from the planet Cordon Ot, in the Cordron system. They refer to their society as the "Cordrazine Collective".



Cordrazine are large boneless molluscs with protective shells. As they have no skeleton, Cordrazine prefer not to support their own weight, and instead suspend their bodies from structures such as cave roofs. Cordrazine have a single large blue eye centered on the front side of their body, which other creatures often find quite alluring. Cordrazine are efficient eaters, but inefficient reproducers due to long reproduction cycles. Despite their large size, Cordrazine are ill equipped for combat and typically shy away from physical fights, preferring instead to send slaves to fight in their stead.


Cordrazine are obsessed with physical beauty, and are usually seen as being very vain by the standards of other races. Cordrazine utilize a combination of mind-controlling cybernetics and drugs to enslave other races. Their most notable slaves are the Owlwoks (short, gold-coloured avians) who perform all sort of manual labour and administrative tasks in Cordrazine society. This allows the Cordrazine to devote more of their time to the perfection of physical beauty.


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  • Efficient Metabolism: (-25%) Consumption Modifier
  • Efficient: (-25%) Maintenance Modifier
  • Alluring: (+20) Diplomacy Modifier
  • Meticulous: (+25%) Tax Modifier
  • Huge Homeworld: (+25%) Homeworld Max Population
  • Skilled Engineers: (+20%) Module HP Modifier


  • Timid: (-30%) Ground Combat Modifier
  • Less Fertile: (2%) Max Population Growth
  • Ponderous: (-25%) Dodge Modifier

Ship HullsEdit

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit



Lower Production Costs - Makes it more efficient to make more ships. Low Module Count - Causes ships to have less firepower and have fewer hit points per ship.
Lower Mass - Caused by having few modules per ship.
Faster Ships - Low mass amount cause the FTL and Sublight speeds of a ship to increase.
Small Size - Causes shields and armor to have better coverage of the ship.
Mushroom Shape - Highly efficient with protective armor

Military ShipsEdit


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