A guide to the game controls of StarDrive.


  • +/- to Increase or Decrease game speed
  • Space Bar to pause the game.

With a Ship Selected:Edit

  • Right Click something for context sensitive orders.
  • Hold Shift to queue moves or attacks
  • Hold ALT for ship/ships to move in a straight line (Rather then Plotting Course)

With Fleet Selected:Edit

  • Right Click for formation move (Fleet Moves at Speed of Slowest Ship)
  • Hold ALT to order fastest move
  • Hold RMB to set fleet facing

Mouse and keyboard:Edit

  • Left click to:
    • Select Things
  • Right click to:
    • Issue Commands
    • While manually piloting a ship, to fire weapons
  • Middle click to center player view on cursor.
  • Move cursor to edge of screen on galaxy screen to pan the camera.

List of hotkeysEdit

Hotkeys as of .67b. Italics indicates dev command. This section is in need of an update as of March 2013.

  • (in the fleet screen)CTRL F1 - unlock all technologies in this tree.
  • space - pause/unpause
  • arrow keys - move main view
  • ESC - exit menu/window; rapidly zoom out
  • TAB - turns on tactical overlay; see weapon arcs
  • w,a,s,d - movement keys for your flagship
  • CTRL+[0-9] - Create a fleet
  • [0-9] - Select assigned fleet
  • CTRL+p - change the light source from single light source to light emitted by stars (meaning planets in a solar system will have a shadow on whatever side faces away from the nearest star).
  • b - build menu for deep space structures/stations
  • c - Spawn alien fleet
  • f - toggles warp on and off for your currently controlled ship
  • i - Fleet Screen
  • o - Switch to ship direct control mode?
  • q - With ship selected brings up ship orders menu
  • v - Spawn pirate corsair
  • x - Spawn friendly fleet
  • z - Spawn friendly assault ship
  • ~ - toggle debug mode (gives you vision of the entire map and all planets)