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  • Current Bugs :
  1. Cannot hold backspace to delete characters quickly from Custom Race Screen
  2. Cannot select "textareas" after deleting entire names on Custom Race screen.

  • Current Bugs being worked on:
  1. Fixed a potential crash related to a multi-threading race condition
  2. Changed the way StarDrive looks for your config file; attempting to fix errors where SD says "Can't find file Windows/System32/Config.xml". Somehow SD can forget its local path so I am forcing it to remember. Hopefully.
  3. Fixed an issue where Tech names on the Diplomacy screen weren't getting pulled from the localization file
  4. Fixed a crash related to fleet buttons and a race condition if a fleet is destroyed
  5. Fixed a UI issue where selecting a massive fleet and scrolling down in the list, then drag selecting a new group of ships would have the new group's icons scrolled out of view
  6. Fixed a bug where the increased cost of ships and buildings was forgotten after loading a save with Pacing > 100%
  7. Point Defense Weapons can now target missiles fired from planets
  8. Fixed an issue where projectiles could sometimes miss when they should be hits.
  9. Added missile salvo support for modders

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  • Current Suggestions:
  1. I suggest to add a thread about optimizing Freighter pathfinding and AI, to improve goods and colonist transport, and maybe create a trade windows to manage this.
  2. I suggest there be a few more options for Automation of planets. Such as keep the food bar at 0 so your people dont starve or store food.
  3. Cordrazine Collective`s Titan Mordaving has an unfinished texture, thus making it assymetrical and one side has less slots then the other.
  4. Make troop shuttles for ground invasions available to build if the planet has a barracks, so you don't need to launch each troop individually by clicking on it and so they can be put into fleets and requisitioned.
  5. The opposite of 'habitable' (relating to where colony buildings can be placed and the descriptions on biospheres) is 'uninhabitable' not 'inhabitable' (which actually means that same as habitable).
  6. Moon and asteroid bases.
  7. More dynamic events like supernovas or suns dying and leaving systems destroyed or uninhabitable.

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  • Bugs & Suggestions Completed:
  1. Repair Module values now reflected in Shipyard
  2. Modules now increase ship hitpoints
  3. Platforms now move with planets
  4. Bug-Text out of box
  5. Fixed double overlay of fleet selection
  6. Fixed trait text overflowing frame
  7. No more ghost platforms after deletion
  8. Now able to Rename planets more then once