Alien Artifacts overviewEdit

Alien Artifacts are items that you may discover after interacting with unknown mines, tombs, or crash sites. These items will give your race a significant boost in a number of different fields ranging from Sensor Ranges, Research, Production, Food, Money, and your Diplomacy ratings. The effects of artifacts act cumulatively. For Example: Two Spice of the Sleeper Artifacts mean 20% Bonus to Ground Combat and Research.

As per version 1.05 the only way to obtain an artifact is to find it in a tomb. However is not guaranteed - chance of an artifact discovery is 60%.

List of artifactsEdit

Icon Name Description Effect
Ascension Crystal Ascension Crystal This particular shard of crystal entrances all who gaze upon it with a flood of pure, true knowledge. The experience is so intense, however, that our mortal minds can only understand a tiny fraction of what is shown to us. 10% Research Bonus.
Birth Crystal Birth Crystal This mysterious crystalline shard emits an enigmatic radiation that induces good health and long life. 50% Reproduction Bonus.
Ecstasy Crystal Ecstasy Crystal This shard of crystal induces in its viewer an intense feeling of emotional and physical joy. The profits that could be made off of controlling access to this crystal are enormous. Credits per turn bonus: 10
Latinum Sceptre orig Latinum Sceptre This sceptre is crowned with a brilliant crystal that induces a feeling of trust and well-being in all who view it. 10% Diplomacy Bonus
Lemba Seeds orig Lemba Seeds This is a collection of seeds that have clearly undergone extensive and advanced genetic manipulation. In fact, these seeds don't even seem to be programmed with DNA at all, but instead with some sort of alternative gene sequencing that is beyond anything we have ever seen. Any world that we seed with these will be slightly terraformed forever. Fertility Bonus to all Owned Colonies: .1
Nano-Collective Controller Nano-Collective Controller This is a control device linked to a semi-sentient swarm of subspace-dwelling nanocreatures. Whoever posseses the control device controls the swarm. 10% empire-wide production bonus.
Palanquin Crystal orig Palanquin Crystal This crystal appears perfectly spherical upon first glance. However, upon closer inspection it is revealed to be infinitely-faceted at all levels of magnification. But even more astonishing is that these facets reflect images of distant places -- possibly of all places everywhere. We can only begin to utilize this device for practical purposes. 25% bonus to the sensor range of its posseser.
Polaron Codex Polaron Codex This is an extremely advanced quantum targeting computer that specifically is tuned to analyze and bypass shifting energy shield frequencies. 10% Shield Penetration Bonus.
Quantanium Lathe Quantanium Lathe This incredible machine is clearly meant to process sheets of armor by manipulating it on some quantum scale. While the technology of this machine is far beyond our understanding, we are able to use it to strengthen our own armor. 10% HP Module Bonus.
Rage Crystal orig Rage Crystal This shard of crystal emits a form of radiation that causes incredible muscular growth. Any ground troops exposed to it become stronger. Ground Combat Bonus: 10%
Spice of the Sleeper orig Spice of the Sleeper Just a taste of this very valuable spice will awaken the sleeping mind. The effect, however, is short-lived. 10% Bonus to Ground Combat and Research.