Released: Mar 15, 2013

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Patch NotesEdit


  • X to close to:
-- Colony Screen
-- Shipyard
-- Diplomacy Overview
-- Golden popup dialogs
-- Save / Load dialogs
-- Empire Screen
-- planet list screen
-- ship list screen
  • A "DeployBuildingOnColonize" field to Colony Modules; this will allow modders to specify which building gets deployed by a colony module. Each building can only be placed once though. I envision this working like, you have an outpost module, maybe a rover bay module, and a farm module. When you colonize the planet, all of these are deployed too. But even if you have more than 1 of each, only 1 building gets deployed.
  • Options in AI automation panel to set default scouts, colonizers, and transports.
  • Some new music tracks.
  • Potential fix to death of an empire spam bug.


  • Issue where module overlay would desync from the ship, causing various graphical and collision issues

13% !! performance increase at turn 1000.

  • Issue where the FTL in system rule wasn't saving your slider settting; did the idiot move of only testing it when it was hardcoded.
  • Issue where freighters could get confused and hang out around a single world.
  • Issue where biospheres were granting double their bonus.
  • Pollops transports and colony ships to have 4 engine module slots.


  • Changed Draylok Small transport to have 4 engine slots.