Released: Mar 9, 2013

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Patch NotesEdit


  • You can now assign a custom ship name through the ship selection panel in the main view.
  • A borderless windowed mode - this should be helpful to folks who are experiencing problems Alt-Tabbing. I can't reproduce it on this end which makes it hard to find.
  • A double click to add stuff to the construction queue.


  • A rare crash that could occur while saving a game.
  • An issue where a crash could occur if you rushed an item right as it completed.
  • An issue where the planet list would lose its filters if you sorted.
  • Issue where player ships would rebase to the nearest owned system after completing a combat; they will now move to the nearest planet instead.
  • An issue where clicking a ship with a custom name in the ship list would revert its name.
  • Issue where rushing production with enemy troops on the ground would waste production.
  • Issue where certain massive resolutions had a couple of display quirks.
  • A crash that could be caused by the autosave.


  • Cheater keys!
  • AI governors to only max out biospheres if you also possess a technology that grants you income per colonist; this will prevent the AI from crippling your economy. And this should make the game a lot harder too, because the AI is going to be reaping this benefit as well.
  • Automatic Freighters option will now build the biggest and fastest freighter that you have.


  • Disabled right mouse to close Race Design Screen.
  • Player Governors will no longer build orbital shipyards on their own.