Released: Feb 23, 2013.

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Patch NotesEdit


  • Further performance improvements to battles by shaving off a number of unnecessary collision tests.
  • The ability to scrap ships to the AI's toolbox; if they are running out of money then they will start scrapping old ships.
  • Split-colored system names for the case where 2 or more empires have colonies in one system.
  • New AI analysis before creating Space Lanes; they will make sure that they can afford it before beginning construction so as to avoid scrapping ships if they run out of money due to overexpansion.
  • The AI will now be pickier about which Planets it chooses to colonize before it has good food-producing technologies.
  • Core World Governors for young planets will now run food deficits to increase research and productivity.
  • Core World AI governors will now fill up uninhabitable spaces with biospheres if they have the tech and are at the population cap.
  • Trimmed down saved game sizes by a fair margin; maybe will have a positive effect on memory usage as well though I haven't extensively tested.
  • The Federations mechanic, accessible through the Discuss menu in the Diplomacy screen.
  • The AI will now be substantially more aggressive in the late game.
  • A "TurnThrust" value to ship modules so that modders can make use of it.
  • A retreat/resupply command that can be given individually or as a group.


  • Missing opteris and cordrazine prototype designs.
  • Issues where rockets would always fire north.
  • Issue where Non-FTL engines would show in the shipyard as giving FTL speed boost.
  • Issue with Titan Engines being installed instead of Titan Warp Engines.
  • An issue where the power conduits were all showing the unpowered graphic.
  • Fixed Filthy Filthy PLURAL bug.
  • You can now select and override saves.
  • Beam behavior so that if a target ( like a fighter ) flies out of the firing arc of the beam, the beam will no longer track outside of its allowed firing arc. This reduces beam effectiveness against fighters ultimately and provides a kind of cooler looking effect to boot, watching the beams scrape along hulls of larger ships.
  • The Colony screen will now remember if you had previously filtered to player designs only.
  • An issue where projectiles weren't colliding in deep space properly.
  • An issue where giving an order on the orders rollout panel would close it.
  • A crash that could occur when loading a saved game (aReclusivemind's crash).
  • An issue where the AI would sometimes have two separate fleets trying to use the same ground troop.
  • Turned Resource Degradation off. I think that basically this is not a fun mechanic so I am going to remove it, and add it back in as an option down the way

Ruthless races are not going to make peace easily when they are winning a war.


  • Explosive weapons to apply direct damage to shields and not explode; this fixes an issue where an explosive could, for instance, come at a ship from the left side and hit a shield bubble on the right side. It would then explode in the middle of the ship. now the shield will eat the explosion instead.
  • Governors to build orbital shipyards only if it is affordable.
  • Huge Homeworld cost to 3 from 2, Small Homeworld to -3 from -2.
  • Smart / Dumb from +/-20% to +/- 35%.
  • Industrious / Lazy from +/-25% to +/- 35%.
  • Relationship growth to be a little more difficult to gain trust.
  • AI to make fewer deals over the long term; they will trade with you so long as they trust you, but then that trust is "used up" for a certain period of turns. I have changed that number from 150 to 250 turns because I want there to be a little less tech trading going on.
  • Changed the AI to place very little value on gaining open borders from you; I was able to get a trade treaty on first contact with the vulfar by offering them one-sided open borders, and I don't think that's right. So now they don't care so much about that.