Released: Feb 10, 2013.

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Patch NotesEdit


  • New "Colony Shield" building with 50 shield hit points..
  • Indicator to planet selector for shield strength.
  • A new Fighter-Only combat engine that is incapable of warp speeds but has great thrust.
  • A new "Pack Mentality" racial trait and assigned it to the Vulfar. Pack Mentality grants a -25% penalty to weapons damage, but a +5% bonus (up to 50%) for each friendly nearby ship.
  • A new Toggle button to carrier orders to toggle whether the ship must recall all fighters before warping. Defaults to on.
  • More freighter AI enhancements - they are better at coordinating their actions now. previously they would look for a new route only if there was a freighter with goods in its hold on the same route; now, it also looks for freighters who are moving to pick up goods for that same route as well. Ultimately it is much more efficient.
  • Bonus damage for Point Defense weapons versus missile weapons.
  • A new Salvo mechanic for weapons. Rather than firing at fixed intervals, we can now have rapid fire over a fixed interval followed by a reload speed. Various weapons are receiving tweaks for fun and variety.
  • Performance enhancements to improve late game frame rates by 25%+.
  • Flechette Anti-Fighter turret (Rapid-fire, short-ranged shotgun; ineffective vs armor & shields)
  • Effect VS armor modifier for weapons.
  • Effect VS Shields modifier for weapons.
  • Many new Draylok and Opteris ship designs.
  • New Kulrathi fighter and frigate designs.


  • An issue where ships on auto-defense would not resupply during combat if they had to.
  • An issue where carriers would not respawn their fighters after the fighters were destroyed.
  • An issue where Point Defense weapons would sometimes prioritize a nearby ship over an incoming missile.
  • The DPS readout in the ship design screen to reflect salvos and spreadshots more accurately.


  • Improved the defensive coordinator AI to be more reactive to threats and to be smarter about its force distributions'
  • Shipyard resupply to work during combat; however shipyard repair will only function out of combat.
  • Made "Slow Combat" the vanilla combat.
  • First level shield to 2000hp from 2500hp due to lower DPS of slow combat.
  • Warp Speed calculations to only use the "WarpThrust" characteristic of an engine module; previously it was WarpThrust + BasicThrust; I did this so we could have engines that provide 0 warp thrust.
  • Increased WarpThrust across the board for warp engines by about 2x.
  • Buffed boarding defense effective attack value from 35 to 60.
  • Changed the AI to know about ships that have no Warp Thrust; they will assign these guys to defense only.
  • Changed AI to build the highest tech ships that they can at all times.
  • Changed the Kulrathi Razor hull to have 2 more E slots.