Released: Feb 9, 2013.

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Patch NotesEdit


  • A "Slow Combat Mod" that we'll distribute for feedback regarding some balance changes; I rather like it. It also helps performance in large battles which is a nice side effect.
  • A filter button for player designs in the colony screen.
  • Scuttle functionality for platforms and stations to the shiplist.
  • Final sounds for ground combat attacks.
  • Added new minimap housing.


  • Some issues where calculations were not occurring correctly in ground combat.
  • An issue where very fast projectiles would sometimes ignore shields.


  • First up we have some performance optimizations that give a fairly substantial boost to frame rates in intense battles.
  • Buffed the boarding defense provided by the command modules.
  • Default in-borders FTL bonus speed to 50% bonus (from no base bonus).
  • Slipstreams bonus to 50% from 40%.
  • Changed the taxation calculation for buildings that modify tax income; they will not increase flat money bonuses anymore (for instance from the Imperial Offices). This fix responds to an issue where planets with 0% tax rate could still produce a substantial amount of income with all of the money buildings.
  • Many small bug fixes that aren't worth their own line!