Released: Jan 31, 2013.

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Patch NotesEdit


  • New options to the Discuss panel regarding other empires (ask to declare war for starters); this is not fully functional yet. There are no responses in there.
  • A new "IOE" slot restriction and applied it to power conduits; i.e., you can now run power conduits through Engine slots.
  • Arrow keys to change between your colonies in the colony screen.
  • General freighter improvements; most noticeable if a freighter has left over goods it knows what to do with them now.
  • New main menu art.


  • An issue where Undo would not work sometimes in the shipyard.
  • An issue where some of my secret plan to add some racial technologies slipped in; not ready yet!
  • The corsair event.
  • Issue where trading artifacts would not get you the bonus or remove it from the trader.
  • Issue with Asteroids not persisting through saves.
  • Issue where changing fleets on the fleet screen by clicking the buttons would result in ship graphics remaining in place.
  • An issue where placing a ship from the Owned Ships list in the fleet screen would cause the menu to collapse.
  • Scrolling via draggin the scroll bar to be more responsive.
  • An issue where large freighters could oversupply a planet with a good.
  • Some issues with right clicks not registering correctly when at high game speeds.


  • Autocolonizers for the player to avoid systems with enemies in them.
  • Colony screen so that you cannot lock sliders when there is a governor as he is in charge.
  • The Fertile and Less Fertile traits to have more pronounced behaviors; Now, fertile provides a minimum population growth of .01 per turn on your plants -- this should provide different strategies to fertile races who will be able to use less population transports; Less Fertile races now have a maximum population growth of .02 per turn. This drawback means that even on their largest planets, their growth with be severely limited without the use of cloning centers or other enhancements.
  • Privatization to also reduce the maintenance of stations / shipyards.


  • Options regarding other empires from the Negotiation Panel.
  • Manifest Destiny and Gluttonous from Vulfen.
  • Disabled asteroid collision detection due to performance hit; we'll revisit this.