Released: Jan 29, 2013.

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Patch NotesEdit


  • An issue where the player was not receiving notifications when the AI was spying on the player.
  • A bug where Technologists were skipping Industrial foundations, a required tech for scientific foundations

Nerfed trade treaty value to 3 credits max from 10 credits max.

  • A bug where beams were sometimes missing their targets.
  • A crash that would occur if you deleted a ship design that you had in a fleet.
  • An issue where you would double click a ship in the ship list and automatically assume control of it.
  • A bug where the power penalty at warp was only applying to engines; the shipyard displays the correct data but in game it was not working properly.
  • An issue in the shipyard where the powerdrain stat would account for unpowered modules; if the module is unpowered, it will not drain power and thus the power drain stat will not be increased.
  • Ultra annoying right click to dismiss notification / send ship to no where bug.
  • Many small bugs related to displaying empire stats correctly in the diplomacy overview.


  • The maintenance costs of many buildings from 1 to .5 credits per turn; this change was made to allow civilization growth without the requirement of trade agreements.
  • Several AI economic sub-routines to encourage keeping healthy credit balances and to spur investments in espionage; the result should be an increase in espionage by the AI.
  • Increased the chances that Aggressive and Ruthless races will team up into trade pacts; previously they tended to be loners but trade is necessary for their war machines.
  • Improved AI cybernetic governor to be more efficient.
  • Reduced AI troop building in the early game.
  • The PD vulcan cannon to a short-ranged shotgun for some variety.
  • Ordnance supply bay power draw from 0 to 5; it requires powered status to operate.
  • Eagle eyed bonus from 10% to 20%, leaving cost the same.
  • Blind to -20% cannon damage, decreased cost to -2 to counterpart eagle-eyed.
  • Birth Crystal bonus from 10% to 50% growth rate modifier because 10% is too small to notice.