Released: Jan 24, 2013

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Patch NotesEdit


  • A notification for when an enemy Agent successfully steals technology from you; you won't necessarily know who did it though.
  • Missing dialog text to Pollops.
  • A toggle checkbox for automatic ground combat in the automation panel; turning it off allows you to have full manual control of your ground units when viewing combat. It will still auto if you aren't looking.
  • Some dynamic allocation techniques to collision detection so that larger maps will not eat up that much more memory than smaller ones (Gains about 50 mb memory savings over previous build).
  • You can now scuttle stations and platforms; you can no longer refit them.
  • You can now win ascension mode by capturing the center planet and following the lead there.
  • A Ship Mod tool for modders in the Mod menu.


  • A crash bug related to certain AI memories not persisting through saves.
  • A bug where planets would disappear after changing the resolution in game.
  • A bug with an out of place ordnance bar.
  • Some crash bugs related to having incorrect graphical assets for two ships in the selection window.
  • An issue where repair drones would wander off into space if they didn't detect a damaged target.
  • An issue where you wouldn't automatically get direct control of a ship, requiring you to move it first; it's all good now.
  • An issue where ships that were firing beams while in their death animation would not have their beams properly disposed.
  • Issue where experience stars were overlapping ship names.
  • Issue with slight overlap of agent experience with selection rectangle.
  • A bug where you could steal negative money if a target empire was broke.
  • A crash bug that would occur if you tried to requisition a fleet and had no spaceports.
  • An issue where fighters wouldn't remember their mothership after saving and loading.


  • AI combat behavior for the Attack Runs AI. Sometimes ships can't get the separation needed to make an attack run because their target is pursuing them; in this case the AI will switch tactics now, resulting in increased effectiveness.
  • Game speed cap to 4x to prevent the game getting unresponsive at super multipliers; added option to disable cap in options screen.
  • Fiddled under the hood for some more performance enhancements.
  • Dead module color from Black back to Red in the ship selection UI.
  • If the AI loses a scout while autoexploring it will order a replacement.
  • The default map random distribution formula to be completely random and to require minimum spacing between player systems, special systems, and AI systems.
  • The Diplomacy screen to show opponent personality.
  • Diplomacy screen to show various opponent rankings.
  • Automatic fleet formations to ensure that the biggest ships get placed in the center of the fleet.
  • Fighter bays so that they can now launch heavy fighters.


  • Lingering references to Counter-espionage and espionage budgets.