Released: Jan 17, 2013

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Patch NotesEdit


  • New Ship Selection UI element and fixed a number of issues related to displaying the ship module readout there.
  • Some new AI behaviors; Aggressive, Ruthless, and Expansionist races will now be more proactive about protecting their claims.
  • Iceberg's splash screen.
  • Abutton (Hold Left Alt) to turn on tactical icons even when zoomed in. It's a hold-toggle.


  • A bug where shields weren't drawing.
  • A couple of crashes introduced by the Agent mechanics.
  • Bug where the AI was not properly yelling at you for spying on them.
  • A bug where the FTL enhancement tech was actually slowing your FTL speed.
  • Issue where Custom names weren't persisting over saves for ships.
  • An issue with Draylok being both duplicitous and honest in race design screen.
  • An issue where the cost of agents was not being deducted from player funds.


  • AI behavior for Ruthless and Aggressive Races when deciding who to target for conquering; long story short, they should behave a little more sensibly by only declaring war if you anger them or if you have something that they want.
  • Starting systems to always begin explored.