Released: Jan 9, 2013

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Patch NotesEdit


  • Performance optimizations. Should see substantial performance improvements across the board.
  • Detailed tooltips to the artifacts display in the diplomacy screen.
  • Racial Bonus/Malus information to the "Intelligence" portion of the Main Diplomacy Screen when viewing your own race.
  • A right click to exit the save design popup.
  • Custom home system for Pollops.
  • Custom home system for Kulrathi.
  • Undo to Shipyard (Control + Z).
  • A Mod Manager.


  • A potential crash related to the colony screen.
  • A crash caused by the creation of a rebel faction when an empire runs out of money.


  • Ship Design Save feature to utilize the name of the ship hull that you are editing instead of having the text default to 'ENTER SHIP NAME.'