Released: Dec 24, 2012

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Patch NotesEdit


  • Enabled Steam Achievements.
  • A CTRL-P toggle for the lighting. Toggles between Stage Lighting versus "Realistic" lighting. Try it out.
  • Support for custom home systems (i.e. Earth). Earth is now in for human starts, assuming you start in the Sol system!
  • A fix for empires that somehow were getting cumulative tech bonuses.


  • An issue where certain stats were not tracking to the end game.
  • C crash that would occur when you captured the final planet a race owns.
  • Issue where an empire's influence node would not dissipate after their last planet was defeated.
  • Some issues related to moving multiple ships with waypoints.
  • A bug where the research queue would incorrectly show "hide queue" when it was invisible.
  • All known issues related to Notifications displaying incorrectly.
  • An issue where canceling a colonization order on a planet would not immediately update the button on the planet selection info window to reflect the cancellation.
  • Issue where you could not right click the advanced orders buttons in the ship orders panel.
  • An issue where ships with fixed costs, such as shipyards, were getting incorrect construction costs after loading a saved game.
  • An issue where ships with the bombard order would be easily distracted by intercepting ships.
  • Ship design screen to properly reflect the hit points of modules after acquiring module hit point modifying racial traits or technologies.
  • A bug where the player would receive double the regular mercantilism bonus money when trading production.
  • Some bugs related to freighters not remembering their orders correctly upon loading a saved game.
  • Some issues with the color picker in the race design screen.
  • Some outstanding bugs related to expanding scroll list entries throughout the game.
  • Sn issue where agricultural governors would not build a rover bay as the first item in a new colony. They will now.


  • The clickable area for the game settings on the race design screen.
  • Colony screen to reflect increased or decreased maintenance costs for civilizations with maintenance modifiers.
  • Fertile racial trait bonus from 50% bonus growth to 100% bonus growth.
  • Default colony sensor range from 500k to 300k.
  • Increased Tracking station sensor range to 800k from 500k (making it worthwhile to own!)