Released: Dec 15, 2012

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Patch NotesEdit


  • More data to the System Selector (Habitability, Fertility/Richness/Research, Population, Owner).
  • New dialog responses for stealing an AI's claim.
  • An "Arcs" button to the shipyard to toggle the firing arcs. Same functionality as Tab presently.
  • An order allowing the player to assign a ship to "Empire Defense", which will have it automatically patrol and respond to threats.
  • New orders buttons to the advanced orders tab and changed the graphical style.
  • Ralyeh Ground troop.
  • Animated Human troop.
  • Draylok ground troop.
  • A bunch of missing dialog and opinion options to various races' dialog files.
  • Cordrazine freighters and designs.
  • Ralyeh freighters and designs.
  • Anomaly icons at system view level.


  • A bug where all AIs were incorrectly assigning a 0 threat level to you if your strength was too low, which correlates to an even match, rather than a negative strength relative to their strength.
  • Issue where aggressive AIs were failing to warn you that your military sucked.
  • Issue where aggressive AIs were failing to tell you that your military is better now.
  • Small graphical issue where tactical icons would draw on top of the colony screen as you transition to it.
  • Minor graphical issue where planets would sometimes appear to jump into position when zooming in.
  • Bug where the Vulfar were not properly getting their "Manifest Destiny" bonus applied.
  • Issue where bombs would draw on the ground combat screen incorrectly.
  • Issue where the tops of some troop attack animations were being chopped off.
  • Issues with Steam install of dependencies. Turns out we need to distribute VC++ 2010 as well.


  • Some fonts on the System selector.
  • Behavior of right mouse with a single ship selected. Left-Shift queues movement orders. Alt orders a direct movement (no course is plotted).
  • Damage of Big Cannon to 2000 from 500 to bring it in line with the explosive changes from a few patches ago, and increased its fire arc from 5 to 20 degrees so it will shoot more frequently. Lowered ordnance requirement to fire.