Released: Dec 20, 2012

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Patch NotesEdit


  • Functionality for defeated empires' ships to become hostile creeps.
  • Functionality for statistic tracking data to persist through saves (for the end game screen).
  • A nifty loading screen.
  • Some more features to the end game screen.


  • All known issues with getting StarDrive to install through Steam.
  • A crash related to empires trying to make peace with one another.
  • Issue with portraits displaying as white.
  • Issue where a null reference could be had (crash) with bombarding ships.
  • Issues with defeated empires still sticking around for some post-defeat diplomacy.
  • Bug where Honorable races wouldn't take no for an answer when proposing open borders.


  • Capital and Outpost building base research provided per colonist to .5 from 1. (Nerfed hard).


  • 'Scale' in game creation options because of unanticipated problems with large floating point positions. We'll need a structural reworking before this can go back in.