Released: Dec 3, 2012

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Patch NotesEdit


  • 2 new random events related to planet quality.
  • 1 new universe-wide random event and support for multi-turn events that affect the whole game.
  • 1 new secret tech with associated event dialog.


  • An issue where ground troops would sometimes attack and damage non-combat buildings.
  • An issue where Planet graphics would sometimes not be added to the scene correctly when first discovered.
  • Issue where selecting all ships in a fleet with a box or shift click would not select the fleet itself.
  • A minor issue with uneven ship velocities while orbiting.
  • An issue where stations that were tethered to a planet would be left behind upon a reload and wouldn't orbit.
  • An issue where platforms and stations built using the deep space build menu wouldn't tether to planets.
  • Trade spamming Aggressive AI.
  • Issue where a quest building was incorrectly spawning randomly and causing very bad things.
  • Issue where AI would repeatedly be angry over you taking their claimed planet.
  • Issue where two racial videos would play on top of each other.


  • "Snap to Planet" camera behavior to have a higher zoom level and also to display the minimap while doing so. The result is a much friendlier look at anomalies and other events.