Released: Nov 13, 2012.

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Patch NotesEdit


  • Game "scale" to galaxy options.
  • Game "pacing" to galaxy options.
  • "defeated" status to empires so they don't bother you after they are dead.
  • An internal "peace treaty" status so empires will not declare war on you immediately after negotiating a peace treaty, even if they still are angry at you.


  • A bug in AI aiming. Should be much more accurate now.
  • A bug where ships with shields were sometimes negating the damage from explosions.
  • Issue where platforms and space stations built at a colony would overlap if they weren't shipyards.


  • Increased FTL speeds across the board by roughly 40%.
  • Increased default sensor range for each planet to a base of 500,000 (5 AU).
  • Increased Slipstream Bonus to 40% from 20%.
  • Improved numerous aspects of the AI.