Released: Sep 21, 2012.

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Patch notesEdit


  • AI behavior to create exploration task forces to recover alien artifacts.
  • AI functionality to distribute their force pool more evenly across the empire so * that every system has a little bit of defense.
  • AI functionality to refit their own ships when they acquire new ship technologies.
  • AI interceptor behavior and improved AI threat responses. The AI will now dispatch a sufficient force to meet any threats that enter their systems.
  • AI will now distribute its troops around the galaxy depending on the value of the holding.
  • Warp In Formation behavior for fleets. If you want your fleet to move in formation, you hold right mouse button when giving a command and you can set the facing as normal. A single right click (no facing settings) will issue a move immediately (no formation) command.
  • A number of small enhancements to Combat AI to eliminate some quirks with targeting.
  • An alert when your ships explore a planet with a special.
  • Economy planner to the AI so that they will be adjusting their tax rate to get a surplus, deciding when to make trade treaties, and when to research or implement new money techs.
  • Some new armor tree technologies: Advanced Materials and Nanoweave Metallurgy.
  • Time compression. Huzzah! (+/-) keys.
  • Tooltips for artifacts in the diplomacy overview screen.
  • Upkeep and kills stats to ship list.
  • Visual improvements to the Starlane system.


  • AI construction of projector lanes from building to prospective colony sites to only building them to systems they actually own.
  • AI exploration algorithm to keep them from expanding too quickly.
  • AI military strength calculation to use an average, which should prevent strange diplomatic behavior when their fleet changes due to a lost battle or because they are refitting or something.
  • AI offer analysis to consider how angry they are with you. The more angry they are, the less likely they are to make a deal with you.
  • AI task force behavior to be a lot smarted, to move in formation, and to generally behave in a more effective manner.
  • AI to declare war on you if you land troops on their planets.
  • AI to start more border conflict wars with each other.
  • Agricultural Colony Governor to refocus labor on Production and Research when they have reached maximum food storage.
  • Empire relations to become less angry over territorial disputes with races that we are trading with or with whom we have a non-aggression pact.
  • Huge homeworld bonus to 25% from 50% as it was just too good early game.
  • Outpost storage from 100 to 30.
  • PD laser range to 1500 from 500.
  • Passenger transports to remember what cargo they are carrying. If they have passengers in their holds and they get the transport order (because they were interrupted somehow) then they will remember what they were doing and have no need to pick up new passengers.
  • Pollops get huge homeworld to spend all their points.
  • Vulfen ship hull progression so that the type VII is a frigate, the Type X is a cruiser, and the type XIII is a battleship. This means they don't have a titan right now but it makes their ship progression a little more sensible and a lot cooler looking.
  • All weapons to have the "O" restriction, with a few exceptions. This means they can go in any "IO" slots but not I slots.
  • Base Maintenance Cost per module to .1 from .15. I want to increase fleet sizes.
  • Default homeworld population cap from 12 to 14.
  • Diplomacy so that you cannot ask for non-aggression pacts, open borders treaties, and trade treaties with empires you are at war with.
  • Mass of armor to be a lot lighter.
  • Starting traits on humans for less gimpy AI.
  • The AI's ship-building decision making process to allow deficit spending depending on how much money is in the treasury.
  • The influence radius of subspace projectors to be about double what they were. Also increased the radius given off by planets. This should reduce the number of projectors being built by the AI and free up some economic constraints on them.
  • Traits on Ralyeh and Pollops to not have "Astronomers" because they were making poor decisions about colonization.


  • AI not building troops.
  • Cargo space in ship design screen to show properly. It was showing ordnance.
  • Error with AI ship building queues not reloading properly from a save.
  • Supply Shuttles not working in combat.
  • A bug where combat buildings were attacking themselves.
  • A bug where the AI would compliment your military after loading a saved game because they didn't do a fresh check on how good or bad it was upon loading.
  • A crash related to planetary missile launchers.
  • A crash that would occur when you have a fleet selected and the fleet's ships were destroyed - the UI element was getting a null reference.
  • A few crashes raised by forum members.
  • An error in loading saved games that would wipe out construction queues.
  • Budget screen to display mercantilism income in the correct box.
  • Bug where the troops were drawing at incorrect sizes on the combat screen.
  • Crash from tiny galaxy / rare planets.
  • Crash related to removing the ralyeh protoype trait.
  • Error where xeno computing was displaying as xeno linguistics.
  • Issue where Ralyeh hulls weren't actually unlocking in non-debug mode.
  • Issue where Ralyeh ship hull images were not appearing in research screen.
  • Issue where animated ship hulls would not load properly to the ship design screen * when first openign the screen -- they would have no module overlays showing.
  • Issue where assigning transports when you have only one planet would cause them to spaz out.
  • Issue where corrupt and meticulous were not set to mutually exclusive.
  • Issue where factions would chase you all over the map.
  • Text error ("plurals") in Cordrazine diplomacy.