Patch notes for .70b.

Released: Sep 6 2012.

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Patch notesEdit


  • "Other..." to the Orders menu, with Scrap and Refit as options
  • Cargo space to ship stats in design window
  • Centralized Banking technology and Imperial Bank building
  • Ralyeh + ships
  • a Cost display to the colony screen for items that can be built
  • double click in ship list screen to center camera on selected ship
  • ship Role to Ship List Screen
  • short descriptions to all buildings
  • some new sounds for troops landing and taking off
  • sorting by name, role, system to Ship List screen
  • the ability to launch a troop from the combat screen into orbit. Useful for exploring / retreating etc.


  • Budget screen to be more visually appealing; added trade income to it
  • races to become more angry much more quickly when your ships are in their space
  • ships so they will warp only if they have 10% power or more. this will prevent some nasty sound layering that was going on
  • the threshold at which aliens become angry about having your ships in their borders to be much lower across all personality types


  • (added?) Launching boarding shuttles. Not sure if I thought i implemented them and didn't, or if they were broken from the getgo or what. But they work now and there is a button in an assault ship's advanced tab to launch and recover troop shuttle specifically
  • Supply shuttles. They work properly now in combat, whereas previously the Supply Ship would spawn regular fighters when in combat. Now they will spawn the supply shuttles appropriately.
  • a bug where research topics and research queues were not saving and loading correctly.
  • a couple of small movement bugs
  • a crash related to ordering a number of ships to bombard a planet
  • bug where Ship Maintenance was calculating incorrectly after you unlocked the Privatization tech
  • bug where you could eject enemy troops off of your planets from the colony screen
  • command menu to operate while the game is paused and to properly track with ships
  • crash related to Cordrazine fighter hangers
  • crash related to missing a font
  • error where Pollops couldn't build their troops
  • issue where Cybernetic was showing up on some races incorrectly
  • issue where the "mechanical" boarding defense would not load from a save properly.
  • issue where you could build an outpost on your homeworld
  • some issues with goods transports, where the transports would not move goods if the planet didn't have enough of the good to fill their entire cargo holds. They'll pick up goods no matter what now, but will prioritize planets with lots of goods.
  • the Y-axis reversal on the combat screen once and for all
  • tooltip drawing when accessing the budget screen from the colony screen


  • issue where the budget screen was not reflecting sums spent on Espionage


  • "Movement" from the Orders menu