Live on: Aug 20, 2012

Previous version: .65a1

Next version: .67b

Patch notesEdit


  • A header file that saves along with your saved games. It's clumsy but it allows you to have more information available than the file name when loading your saved game. This will destroy your saved games.
  • Double Clicking a colony entry in the empire screen will now open up that colony's screen.
  • Double pressing a fleet's number will now center your view on the selected fleet.
  • A flashing red indicator in the fleet list if one of your fleets is in combat.
  • Color coding for racial traits to race design screen.
  • Menu bar input handling to research screen.
  • More detail in the ship list regarding ship movement orders.
  • New UI features to the minimap - buttons to access the ship list, fleet screen, a new planets list, automation, deep space building, and some camera controls.
  • Return to game button in in game main menu.
  • Text indicator of which traits are selected in race design screen.
  • Tooltips to the colony screen construction queue.


  • "Ship Details" under the Q menu to "Assume Control."
  • Giving your selected (manual) ship orders. Should behave more consistently when driving your own ship in combat.
  • Menu bar input handling to close the screen you are looking at if you choose a new main screen option, preventing drilling deep into the menus.
  • Notifications to close after a left click.
  • Right mouse will now open a tech tree node in the research screen in addition to a double click.
  • The capital city to be a little less invincible versus troops. Still tough as nails but you can beat it.
  • The vulcan scout into the StarterShips ("reserved") ships folder to prevent an exploit.


  • Area of Operations not drawing after you set it.
  • Automatic freighters AI to build your best freighter (by cargo size).
  • Eagle-Eyes and Blind traits to work correctly.
  • Edge scrolling detection to work in the lower right of the screen.
  • Exploration logic so that ships will not explore the same system.
  • Huge Homeworld trait to work correctly.
  • Naval Tradition trait now works correctly.
  • Polluted Homeworld trait now works correctly.
  • Ponderous and Reflexes traits now work correctly.
  • A bug where if you double clicked a planet to view it but also clicked a ship, the colony screen would not display.
  • A crash bug that found its way into the battlemode. Should work properly now.
  • A lockup bug that would occur when attempting to queue a tech in the Energy Weapons tech tree.
  • A number of crash bugs related to the shipyard. If you tried to enter the shipyard when you have no flagship, it would crash. I think I caught them all.
  • A number of ship movement bugs that would mess up your fleet formations. For instance, if you give a squad of ships a move order, it would overwrite their fleet formation order. That's no longer the case and the * ships should behave better now.
  • A rarer crash bug caused by some multithreading problems.
  • An infinite Enemy Troops Landed Notification bug.
  • An issue where the flat rate buildings (aeroponics, rover bay, science lab) weren't adding their bonuses to the planet.
  • An issue where you could get your trait points to 0 on the race screen and then deselect a negative trait to go below zero.
  • Annoying bug with stuttery brackets when a ship is selected.
  • Bug where building a military outpost on a world with no shipyard caused problems.
  • Bug where clicking on a research complete notification would overlap with the research screen's minimap, causing the view to be shifted too far to the right upon loading.
  • Bug where the AI would colonize a planet that you marked for colonization and then, recognizing that its colony ship was missing, it would build a new one. Now it knows that the ship is missing because it was * used and won't build extraneous ships.
  • Colony screen to allow building menu headers to open/ closer when paused.
  • Resolution problems in the Race design screen and diplomacy screen.
  • Rush production button on empire screen. Can now click there to rush.
  • The graphical issue with planets and their atmospheres getting out of sync when you are paused.